$500,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Unlocked at Canadian Casino

QUEBEC – When you have quad 10’s in a game of Texas Hold’Em, chances are you’re going to feel pretty good about winning that hand. Except in this case, with a bad beat jackpot on the line, Fadi Semaan, the holder of the quad 10’s, was beyond excited to see his opponent table quad Jack’s.

Just like that on October 27, the bad beat jackpot, which sat at an impressive $516,777 USD, was awarded to the table of seven players at Casino du Lac-Leamy in Quebec. Despite winning the hand with his four Jack’s, Yvon Lalonde was equally as happy to have triggered the massive payout.

Fadi Semaan walked away with $206,710 USD as the primary winner of the bad beat. With his quad Jack’s, and the runner-up of the pool, Yvon Lalonde received $103,343. The five other tablemates, Leon Krishn, Robert Cloutier, Zin Lan, Long Phi, and Georges Naggar, also split $103,343.

Fadi Semaan was lucky with his quad 10’s as the minimum hand to qualify was quad 10’s.

Per Casino du Lac-Leamy’s bad beat jackpot rules, the winner (quad 10’s) would receive the lion’s share at 40%. The runner-up (quad Jack’s) would receive 20%. The remaining five players at the table would share 20% between themselves. Finally, the last 20% would go to all of the players playing when the bad beat happened.

The bad beat jackpot is a progressive pool that builds from a small percentage of each hand during cash games. Each poker room has their own requirements for a minimum hand that qualifies for a bad beat. To win the bad beat, both qualifying hands must get to a showdown (both players reveal their cards).

Each poker room also has their own rules for how they distribute the bad beat jackpot.


James previously worked in one of Canada's largest casinos, River Rock Casino Resort, for over six years. He initially worked as a card dealer, then as a floor supervisor.