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BCLC Promotes Responsible Gaming with GameSense Program




BCLC GameSense Program

VANCOUVER – The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), the gaming regulatory body in British Columbia, has completed its roll-out of its GameSense program to help provide resources for responsible gaming.

With the implementation of this program, every casino in British Columbia will now have a desk or station that will have resources or a GameSense representative who will be able to provide guidance and counsel to gamblers and casino employees about responsible gaming practices.

The program was produced by BCLC and is designed to help encourage players at casinos with potential gaming problems to seek the help they need by engaging with these GameSense stations.

The GameSense program was rolled out last spring and to date, by BCLC’s estimations, close to 70,000 people have sought out the resources of this program. It has only just recently completed a full roll-out to all casinos in BC.

Attorney General of BC, David Eby, has been very vocal in his support of this program and hopes more people would take advantage of this resource that is now available in all casinos in British Columbia.


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