For The First Time Ever: Specialized VR/AR Gambling Conference

Gambling in virtual and augmented reality is not a thing for the future anymore. It’s a reality; a real-life phenomenon. This year, a commanding breakthrough of this exciting innovation is expected, and those who will miss this wave can find themselves left out. The VR is the future of casinos. Gamers will appreciate the possibility to wander around unusual places, spin near real-life three-dimensional slot reels, or play roulette at a virtual table.

This is nearly becoming a reality as Smile-Expo will hold its first ever specialized and comprehensive augmented and virtual reality gambling conference in Prague, the Czech Republic coming April 2017. Smile-Expo has 11 years of experience dealing with organizations and holding conferences, exhibitions, and forums across the world. Most of these events are aimed at promoting innovations and developing gambling industry. So, if VR/AR technologies are finally placed on their schedule, it is hugely a big deal!

At this conference, numerous Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) developers will gather with business representatives to promote this innovation. According to organizers of this event, this is the first conference of its kind, and it will see the industry’s development issues discussed and new products are presented. Leading evangelists and professionals in this segment will have their chances to provide their views on this issue in terms of creating and instigating ground-breaking gaming technologies.

The conference will have two sections:

  • The significant section of the conference will be “Networking Demo Zone.” This is the section where each contributor will be given an opportunity to test the AR/VR products and novelties and become a part of this immensely awaited VR casino project.
  • The second section will be the “Developer Section” where innovators and Businesspersons will meet and discuss the new technologies and their implementation. Basically, this part of the conference will involve all the figureheads who are involved in making technologies generally available for marketers and operators.


Meet the first speakers:

  • The founder of Viaskys, Konrad Gill who will be giving a presentation on the topic “Virtual Reality and the Future of Gaming Convergence.”
  • The CEO of Advir, Samuel Huber who will give a speech on the media revolution as well as how these new technologies will affect the gaming market.

The VR/AR Gambling Conference organized by Smile-Expo Company will allow finding a way to promote the market for these new technologies around the world. This conference will also give the latest information on VR/AR gambling products as well as help build important contacts in the market. VR casino will finally be made our reality, and such a project is showing huge potential. This event will speed up the arrival of this hugely anticipated era of the gambling industry.