Introducing a King of the Hill

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited is a big deal doing good things in more way than one, and its acquiring of Chances Casino Kamloops is a shining example of this fact. Really, this win for Gateway is just another notch on the belt for an organization that has no problem with getting bigger all the time. Certainly, the general public should come to expect such good news to come from this industry icon. The excitement in this particular business transition doesn’t just come from two great names merging to become one. The significance of the event is twofold. Firstly, there’s the total management of Chances Kamloops’ operation by Gateway. Moreover, the commercial maneuver makes it the only gaming enterprise in town.

Not Afraid to Do it All

Whether entertainment seekers choose to spend their time at Cascades Casino Kamloops or Chances all proceeds to go the same house so to speak. Without a doubt, this house is definitely one that deserves attention. It has dozens of properties that stretch across Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. This network of facilities is second home to more than 8,500 employees who serve an even bigger family of clientele. To be sure, this level of success and service is not just a result of steady commitment to community but a rock-solid strategy in action. It’s all about braching out and offering all kinds of products and services to an ever growing number of people.

With Proper Respect

Anyone who wonders how the change feels on the ground floor should know that the people with their hands on the wheel have high levels of respect for one another. As the CEO of Gateway, Tony Santo certainly has had plenty of praise and adulation for the people responsible for there being a casino to acquire in the first place. Moreover, the Gateway business model and strategy does more than just offer loads of entertainment for visitors and patrons alike. Improving communities across Canada is the whole purpose behind commercial plans made over years.

So Many Places for Fun

Burnaby, BC is the base of operations for all of the jobs and other opportunities created by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited. This establishment is well versed in providing full-service attention and exemplary value to their customers in Kamloops since 2015. The entertainment that the Cascades Casino offers customers includes live entertainment, tables, slots and plenty of dining options. These places to eat include The Buffet, Match Eatery and Public House, and Atlas Steak.

So Many Ways for one Company to Shine

Kamloops is not the only place to see the benefits of Gateway opening up shop in the neighborhood. In fact, the Thompson-Okanagan area knows all about the entertainment value of these facilities. Kelowna has the Playtime Casino to attract attention to its community. Penticton knows Gateway too. Sometimes, things get real fancy such as in the case of the Match Eatery and Public House at Lake City Casino located in Vernon. Honestly, there are other matters of fact regarding Gateway that are just as fascinating as its deal in Kamloops. There’s nothing lackluster about this company of professionals at work.

A big kid on the Block

The first noteworthy aspect to know about Gateway is its size as the biggest and best gaming and entertainment company in Canada. This company boasts more than 400 gaming tables with 48 of them strictly used for poker. That’s on top of 82 restaurants and bars to satisfy the appetite and wet the whistle. For those casino frequenters who like slots, they have more than 13 hundred to play on. Gateway has more than 550 hotel rooms to relax in after all the eating, gaming, and drinking are done. Communities in Ontario have a lot to look forward to when it comes to their gaming needs.

Greatness in the Making

The consummate professionals representing Gateway constitute a fresh face for the Central Gaming Bundle in that region with a couple of new establishments. Wasaga Beach is also on the gateway map. Although these developments are most impressive they stand as but a few jewels in the Gateway commercial crown. For more than 25 years, this company has made efforts to not only expand its empire but improve the overall quality of the industry as a whole. Through offering an array of goods and services that really go unmatched by the competition, this vision steadily becomes a reality. In time, the name Gateway is sure to be a legend.