NYX to Light up Gambling in Three Canadian Provinces

The gambling fraternity in three Canadian provinces has every reason to smile following the approval of a leading U.S gambling giant to do business within their jurisdiction.

Las Vegas based NYX Gaming Group was given the go ahead to operate and offer its brand to Nova Scotia, Quebec, and British Columbia provinces. The American gambling giant was approved to operate businesses ranging from online casino, sports booking, lottery, and bingo according to gaming regulators in the three provinces.

This is being seen as a ground breaking move for the gaming behemoth, as they seek to expend their presence allover Canada. The group’s CEO Matt Davey said the approvals will act as a stepping stone towards the company’s long term expansion goals.

The CEO was categorical about NYX Gaming group’s commitment to operate under the highest gaming standards across the globe. Also, he was confident that they would meet regulator requisites having been approved to do business in the three provinces. Equally, the group will be looking forward to stamp its footprint in the gaming industry with a novel operational model and vision.

The approval in the three Canadians jurisdictions was handled separately by different gaming regulators. In British Columbia, NYX Gaming Group was okayed as a registered, “Gaming Service Provider” in a process drafted and overseen by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation under the auspices of the British Columbia Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch (GPEB). This entity is charged with policing all gaming forms across the province. Consequently, the GPEB is looking forward to benefit from NYX gambling proceeds as it will provide crucial amenities, services, and boost British Columbia’s local economy.

In Quebec, the approval was managed by Loto-Québec, which placed an overriding emphasis for NYX to promote healthy and responsible gambling. As Quebec’s leading gaming regulator, Loto-Québec operates with comprehensive tools that make it easy for gamblers to engage without going overboard. The regulating body has been vocal on issues ranging from stringent measures for weekly playing deposits, timeout phases, and strict age restriction parameters

Approval for the Las Vegas giant in Nova Scotia was doled out in the form of A Lottery Equipment Supplier. This was overseen by the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division. NYX will be required to operate business with an emphasis to support the good of the community through responsible gambling. Also, the company will be expected to stick to a sustainable business model for the benefit of gambling so as to keep supporting immediate communities.

The NYX Gaming Group is eager to leverage the power of gaming technology and trends to capitalize on these approvals.  The gaming firm transformed its course after its initial offer in 2014 and it has been focusing on new technology, content and capacities needed to stay ahead in the regulated online gambling industry globally. For now, the gambling fraternity across the three provinces can expect first-rate content and technology and operations that will be running in compliance with particular gaming controllers. The company has in the past received accolades and it was feted as the Platform of the Year in 2016 for its Open Gaming System.