Playtech Enters Strategic Partnership with Featurespace

Since its inception in 1999, Playtech’s approach has been centered on the continual development of astonishing gaming content and products, and its success is brought about by a strong partnership with top brands in the gaming industry.  The company has remained committed to offering cutting edge; value-added solutions to its customers to ensure satisfaction and excellent gaming experiences. We recently shared an article about Playtech’s partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring Superman aficionados smash hit DC films inspired slots. Their upgrade in 2017 seems like it’s not stopping soon as they recently announced another deal with Featurespace to bring customers more exciting news.

The world’s leading gaming content and software, services and systems supplier, have agreed on a strategic partnership with Featurespace. Featurespace is one of the prominent corporations in risk management and fraud prevention in the gaming industry. All casino games that are run by Playtech will be integrated with ARIC technology solutions to allow players to detect any abnormal or unusual activities while they game. This will allow players to fortify risk management, further lessen fraud losses, and consequently increase their revenues.

Featurespace manages this by using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and machine learning. This partnership is underlining Playtech’s commitment towards helping their customers avoid fraud and manage all forms of risks involved in gaming. The company also aims at providing best-of-breed gaming content and software to the consumers to remain the best there is in the world. “Playtech is already proven to be the best in terms of delivering topnotch fraud prevention and risk management services to our customers,” says Shimon Akad, COO of Playtech. “We are, therefore, affiliating with Featurespace to provide our licensees extra, sophisticated, first-rate fraud prevention solution,” she adds.

The CEO of Featurespace, Martina King, believes that this partnership comes as great news for gamers everywhere in the world. “We are really excited about this partnership that is aimed at bringing only the best solutions to customers worldwide. Both Featurespace and Playtech are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the gaming sector, and this will guarantee an enhanced level of protection for Playtech’s customers.” Even though Playtech has been using solid software that protects players from hackers activities, smart hackers have still managed to get carry out their activities which in one way or another jeopardizes player’s undertakings and information. And so, as King states, this partnership comes as great news for gamers anywhere who will see their gaming activities made more secure.

Playtech supplies gaming content and software to over 130 licensees in the world, including some the top online casinos, government owned entities like lotteries, and retail and mobile operators among many others. Its business intelligence-driven gambling software provisions include sports betting, poker, bingo, casino, and live casino. Therefore, through this newly acquired service, millions of gamers globally are going to be protected from damaging actions of cybercriminals.